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A Good Report or Two...

Dear Colleague,

There is currently so much in the media about mishaps happening both on our doorstep and around the world. If we do not keep our focus firmly fixed on the right thing and our hearts set in
the right place, it would be easy to stumble and slip. But, we know an unshakable Rock. As long as we stay grounded and built on that Rock, we would not falter or fall. And this dear colleague, is a constant decision we must make. So let's be a source of comfort, hope and truth to other colleagues in the workplace.

We have good news!

Our first online Session of 2023 took place on Saturday 4th February with record attendance. Paul Ibru and the topic he addressed was exceptionally engaging for every worker present. The
level of interaction during the question and answer segment was also invigorating and enlightening.

Here is some feedback we received:

…Thanks for sending me the link. I'm glad I joined. It was really loaded and more than worth the 10 pound charge (let me know how to send this).
It was a pleasant surprise that it was my good friend Paul that was ministering. He covered a lot of ground. A big takeaway is how God has always helped direct him to roles which whilst
demanding were not so demanding as to clash with his church leadership

The format of the event is great: there was sufficient time for Questions and Answers and also for prayer.
Thanks again. Speak to you soonest. Cheers…

A good report indeed. And we are greatly encouraged, knowing that we are on the right track.

Also, we had the first set of monthly Workers’ Prayer Gatherings of 2023:

1. Lunchtime Prayer: 2nd Friday of each month @ 12.30 – 1.30pm

2. Evening Prayer: Last Friday of each month @ 8.30 – 9pm

You are welcome to join us. We are seeing significant answers to prayer each time. Click on the links above for more details.

Another piece of news is that we launched the YouTube Channel. Content includes the recording of the last Session and other Sessions, some prayer segments, a UCB Radio interview as well as other interviews about the mission of Workers Aflame! We are looking to add new content regularly. Please peruse, subscribe, like and share.

Also, we are getting speaking engagements. The next one coming up is in March. Please do keep us in prayer for this. And, if you think we can add value to your Christian group at work or church, let us know. We would be delighted to attend and speak, either online or in person.

Finally, as you are aware The Good News is FREE! Thank God!!

However, it requires resources to make it visible, audible, available and accessible on the various platforms essential for our time. Therefore, we have set up a Donate button on the website for you to prayerfully consider supporting the work we do. You can either give a one-off or set up a direct debit. All the details are on the website or click on the link above. If you have benefitted from any of the Sessions we have held or understand how much they benefit Christians in the workplace, then do consider giving.

Over and out from me. Thank you for reading through.

Have a focused, fulfilled and fruitful month of work. Do reach out to us should you require any support.

Great blessings

- Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.


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