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A Past Session...

How do I take my faith to work? Why can't I leave my faith at the door when I go to work? Why is attending church on Sundays not enough?

You are invited to join us as we tackle some of these genuine questions in discussion at the next Online Session coming up on Saturday, 4th February 2023.

Paul Ibru is an engineer who leads a team supporting trading systems in Investment Banking. He is also a church builder, an ardent supporter of Israel and a philosophical thinker who sees things at deeper levels than most. He is a great communicator as well.

The Session aims to encourage and inspire Christians to be intentionally about engaging and contributing positively to the work community. It aims to also help Christians find purpose in their work so they can be more focused, effective and fulfilled.

Date: Saturday, 4th February 2023

Time: 11am to 12.30pm

Invite your fellow-workers, friends and family.

The Session will be interactive with opportunity for comments, questions and feedback.

If we truly believe that the Christian faith is the answer to the troubles and traumas of the world, we will have a compelling desire to be change-agents in our work communities.

When we live out our working lives in the power of the Spirit we find ourselves empowered to fulfil a God-given vision, speaking prophetically into commercial situations and the lives of those about us.

- Richard Fleming: The Glory Returns to the Workplace.

We look forward to hosting you on the Zoom platform.


Your fellow-Worker,


- Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.




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