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Building and Planting at Work

Building and Planting at Work.

In order to pray effectively for your work, you need to know why you are there.

What is the purpose of being in your career, your role, your team and your organisation? If this is not clear or misguided, then prayer will be off target and invariably miss the mark.

Work is a call. It is a Call to Missions.

Everything God does is for the purpose of missions. God is missional at heart. He sent His best and only Son to the world. Jesus sent His best disciples into the whole world. For what purpose? For it's ultimate welfare - To seek and to save it.

As a Christian, you are sent into work as a missionary to do the following:

  • · To work with diligence and excellence – be a good steward.
  • · To pray and intercede – for your colleagues.
  • · To build bridges – engage in the mechanisms and platforms at work.
  • · To plant seeds – share the Gospel as a Witness.

Jeremiah was sent to a hard people and a hard place with a hard message (Jeremiah 1:10) Our calling is not any different.

"See, today -

  • . I appoint you over nations and kingdoms,
  • · to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow,
  • · to build
  • . and, to plant."

We must embrace our Call to Missions in the Workplace.

Let’s build bridges and plant seeds.


- Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.




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