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Can You Be Trusted?

Can You Be Trusted?

What is your role in your organisation? What is the task you were employed to do? Why are you there? What are you doing?

Okay, so on one level you were employed to carry out specific corporate responsibilities. We hope you do these with diligence and with an excellence attitude. But, how about your Kingdom responsibilities? All those people around you at work. Do you see them as God sees them? Do you realise they have an eternal destiny? Where are they headed? Do you care?

You may say ‘That is not my responsibility’. But, is that true? 

We are each called as Christians to ‘Go’. Where, you may ask, should I go? Do I have to go to Africa to fulfil my Christian responsibility?

Categorically, No! Why? Because Africa has come to you!!

In fact, the whole world has come to you. Stand up and look around your office block. They are all around you. The whole world that Jesus died to save are right there with you at work. Whether as clients, customers, co-workers, colleagues, contractors or company stakeholders. There they are with you every day that you go to work.

So, can God trust you with His passion? His cause? His mission?  

What are you going to do about it? It is not too late to sign up to your kingdom responsibility to ‘Go’. 

‘Go’ could mean seeing, listening, caring, praying, connecting, serving, sharing, giving… the list is endless.

Just do something - at work. Do something that you can offer to God to demonstrate your devotion to His cause, His mission and His passion.

Fulfil your Kingdom responsibility while carrying out your corporate responsibilities.


- Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.





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