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Do It Afraid!!

Do it afraid…

Surrounded by hostile, harassing and intimidating nations on very side, they faced their fears and kept on building…

The Israelites had been in exile almost 70 years when in fulfilment of prophesy, King Cyrus permitted Ezra and a small band of people to travel to Jerusalem and rebuild God’s temple. The small band of exiles faced obstacles and opposition but with fortitude and focus they made the journey, arrived and built the temple of God and restored the sacrifice. (Ezra 3:3)

In your work, career or profession - what is your unique task or assignment?

Is it intimidating and daunting? Are you surrounded by voices saying - it can’t be done?

Confront the fear. Stand up, step out and stand out!!

No one destined for greatness is ever without fear, but they do it afraid anyway. Most times the fear within is greater than the fear without. Silence the intimidating voices, build faith in your heart and take the Sword in your hand.

Confront and master the fear. 

In her book, Do It Afraid, Joyce Meyer explains that fear is everywhere and affects everyone.It rules many people, but it doesn't have to rule you any longer.

In your unique work context - Stand Up and Step Out!!


 - Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.


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