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Her Life and Legacy

Queen Elizabeth II

Dear Colleague,

We have all been amazed by all the tributes that have been coming in about our most noble Queen Elizabeth II on her passing on to heaven.

As I mentioned earlier, it is the nature of her work that amazes me the most.

She did all she did in sacrificial service of King Jesus first, and then for love of humanity second.

I strongly encourage you to take time to look and reflect on her life and legacy, and see what you can glean and take away as your posture to adopt, character to emulate and lesson to learn as a worker who seeks to glorify God.

One day we will all take the journey our Queen has taken, what would we have to lay at the feet of our King, the Sovereign Lord Himself.

Please pause and ponder. Reflect and review. And, make any necessary changes in how you work.

Great blessings,

Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.




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