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Definitions of influence vary depending on the context, culture or industry. However, here are a few relevant ones I found online:

1. The ability or power to inspire or motivate anindividual to act in one way or the other.

2. The ability or capacity to have an effect orimpact on a person.

3. The capacity to affect human action, behaviour,and opinion.

4. Impact or effect on something or someone.

5. The action or fact of being taken account ofin the course of decision-making.

6. The act or power of producing an effect withoutapparent force or direct command.

7. To have actual impact in decision-making. Accordingly, influence does not connote control overdecision-making.

8. The ability of persuading people to do an action.

9. The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

10. The capacity or power of persons or things tobe a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behaviours, opinions, etc., of others.

11. The effect when something or someone changes the worldview of an individual.

12. Is the action and effect of a person or thing to influence another person, thing or event.

13. An inherent power that has the ability to change the actions of individuals or teams within an organization.

14. The capacity of music (social media, peer-pressure) to have effect or impact on the youths.

Find more definitions using our Dictionary Search.

As Christians, influence simply means being a force for good. The force is the compelling power of the truth of Jesus and of the grace of God.

We are all called to influence. When we use our time, talents, testimony and treasures for the common good, for the flourishing of society and for the Shalom of our neighbour; we are being an influence and a compelling force for good.

The Creation Mandate for man was to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and exercise dominion over it. It is still the same today, however with a more expanded scope.

The Great Commission for every Christian is to be a Witness - Salt and Light. This is how we share and propagate Jesus’ message and mission. Obeying the Great Commission looks like serving others and adding life-giving value. By doing this we are influencing the world - not just the natural world but the spiritual fabric of world.

Diligently stewarding God's gifts and resources, both natural and spiritual, for the benefit of others. Demonstrating our gratitude for the many opportunities, benefits and blessings
God bestows on us. Sharing and serving others. These are all ways we influence those around us.

Work is a gift and a means of expressing our love and gratitude to God.

Jesus had a specific work to do. On His way to carrying out His primary work objective, He exercised influence on those He came into contact with. He fully maximised the time and occupied the space allotted to Him while He was on earth.

We should not just evangelize the world, we should influence it. By being ‘Salt and Light’ we make the world a better and brighter place for all. Salt and Light influence. Salt heals, purifies and preserves. Light reveals, enlightens and envisions.

According to John Maxwell, influence is:
1. Valuing people
2. Thinking of ways to add value...
3. Looking for ways to add value...
4. Intentionally adding value...
5. Encouraging others to add value...

According to Mark Greene of LICC, here is how we influence at work:
1. Make good work – Be diligent and excellent at what you do.
2. Model godly character – Live a life that honours Christ.
3. Minister grace and love – Be kind and gentle.
4. Mould culture – Be a compelling example to follow.
5. Be a mouthpiece for truth and justice – Speak up for others.
6. Be a messenger of the gospel – Share your faith.
I include a 7th item, Mediate in prayer – pray for your fellow-workers and workplace.

We can be a force for good at work when we:

1. Look - See the opportunities.

2. Listen - To the narrative around you.

3. Step Up - Get involved. Engage.

4. Speak Up - Guide the narrative.

5. Initiate & Innovate - Start a workplace Christian group.

The Parable of the Talents teach that how weuse our time, talents, testimony and treasures will determine our ultimate reward.

So, let's work with perspective and purpose. Let’s go to work in order to influence those around us.

Let’s be a compelling force for good!!

We were able to add value to the UKHSA Christian Network recently as we shared a Session with them on Finding Purpose in Work.

Here was some feedback we received:

...Thank you so much for joining us today and leading us so well reminding us of the purpose of work from a Biblical perspective. It was so inspiring and a real blessing to everyone on the call. Thanks so much for your prayers for our organisation and our Christian network.

Our Next Online Session is Coming Up!!

Title: Christian Workplace Groups: Current trends in the UK

Date: Saturday, 20th May 2023

Time: 11am to 12.30pm

Zoom: See link on Eventbrite (QR Code above or link below).

Some of the questions we aim to tackle include:

Are you part of a Christian group at work? Whyshould you know about setting up or joining a Christian group? Do you even know what this is? How has new working patterns affected the Christian group or your witness at work? What is the impact of a Christian group? How are Christians in other organisations thriving?

It is an Interactive Session, so come with your questions, comments and feedback.

Also, do not forget the Monthly Prayer Gatherings for Workers’.

The next one is the Evening Prayer Gathering:

Date: Friday, 31st March
Time: 8.30pm to 9pm

Finally, please do visit our WEBSITE to readthe latest blogs and other updates. And, to make a donation towards the mission of Supporting Christians in the Workplace.

Great blessings,



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