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Seek Wisdom

It is good to know that the God of the universe knows the future.

He knows tomorrow and what it holds. He knows all that 2023 holds for us in our family, our career and our ministry. Therefore we can rest.

All we plan and hope to achieve as we engage our work with diligence and excellence in 2023 can be done from that posture of resting.

The work was finished by Jesus Christ and there is nothing we can add to it. We can only align ourselves with His plan and purpose as we rise each day, commute and go to work. We can be expectant that He has good plans for us, no matter what.

Therefore, our prayer in 2023 is for wisdom and authority to walk in all that God has purposed for us.

In the middle of meetings, deadlines, schedules, shakings and shake ups; and, in the middle of bills, budgets and bank statements; we must remember that God’s higher purpose is still to prosper us and cause us to flourish in life, so that His name will be proclaimed and glorified in the earth.

So, like the sons of Issachar, in 2023 seek wisdom to understand your seasons and know how to posture yourself and respond at your work and in your career. There is liberty,
dignity and joy for the enlightened.

Happy New Year!!

- Elizabeth Ukiomogbe. 


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