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What is significance? Where do we get it from?

Simply, significance means intent, importance, meaning or worth.

And, we get our significance mainly from our identity and our function.

Our identity is who we are by birth and origin, or whose we are. And, our function is what we do in service. We sometimes mistake these with our work and professional identity and function.

Yes, these have meaning and importance but they are flitting and change depending on the circumstance and the times. So we need something more concrete and stable for our identity and function.

As Christians,we find our identity and function in Christ. That is why we are called ‘Christians’. We are Christ-like in origin, worth and function. In Christ we find our true significance, purpose and function.

Therefore, we have eternal significance and an eternal function. 

Our significance is found in our identity in Jesus Christ and service to God. We serve because of who we are, not the other way round. Our work is an expression of our service - first to God and then to our neighbour. Both are spiritual callings. Both are forms of worship and obedience. There is no secular/spiritual separation.

First, find your significance and worth in Jesus Christ, and from that place fufill your role and career at work.






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