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Workers Aflame! WHY? WHERE? WHAT?

WHY - The Great Commission calls every believer to GO. 

God starts with GO. The gospel starts with GO. The good news starts with GO. Three GOES is more than enough to calls us to obedience.

WHERE - Where should we go? To the mission field at work.

The mission field has moved from distant, far-fetched foreign lands to the colleague working right beside and alongside us at work. How we engage with this mission field is an urgent issue in our day.

WHAT - What should we do? Speak Up.

In the time of crisis, Mordecai told Esther – 'You must speak up at this important time!'

The world is in crisis. Your colleagues are in crisis.Their life and eternity is at stake.

Esther as an intercessor sought the king’s favour for the people.

Mordecai as an evangelist sought the good of the people and spoke up for their welfare.

You too can be an intercessor and an evangelist within the context of your work.

Let your light shine and your salt be savoury. Live out your faith with wisdom and courage. Make your workplace better and brighter by being an active Witness on the frontline.

Pray,. Go and Speak Up.


- Elizabeth Ukiomogbe.






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