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Workers Aflame! is collaborating with Transform Work (TWUK) to host a timely and topical Session. Supported by our local church, Kensington Temple, London City Church.

Recent reports show that many individuals are currently struggling at work.

What could be the cause?

A need for change? Of role, of company, of career or country, of scenery or season, of pace, or just of purpose?

Change is inevitable. The only constant in life is change, they say!!

We just witnessed a change of Monarchy... A change of an era.

A significant change. On a personal level, each of us will go through change. How we manage it will determine our mental wellbeing and quality of life going forward.

One of the mechanisms in place to support workers through change, and to address and promote wellbeing at work are Staff Network groups. Staff Network groups allow individuals with the same affinity to gather and support each other.

Since the pandemic, it is obvious that the workplace has changed. Work patterns, processes and systems have become more agile, flexible and hybrid. And, work-life balance and wellbeing is now more highly priced, and determine how workers are engaging with work.

During the pandemic, we learnt that wellbeing is good for both worker and organisation. Fostering it helps prevent ill-health, stress and creates positive work environments. It also enables individuals to thrive at work. In addition, good health and wellbeing enables meaningful engagement and optimises performance.

A workplace Christian group is a Staff Network group. There is sufficient evidence to show that where these exist, Christians are supported and therefore more inclined to remain safe, stable and secure through the pressure, pain and process of Change. Therefore, it facilitates a credible and durable witness for Christians in the workplace.

Richard Fleming calls such groups Workplace Church’. In his book, The Glory Returns to the Workplace, he says:

“God is passionately interested in the marketplace. He is raising up workplace apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists… They are claiming hospitals, businesses, areas of commerce, law enforcement, offices of trade, local and central government, science and technology, education and the court system back from Babylon for the Lord... Church is the body of Christ… comprised of the people of God working with Him to bring His rule upon the earth.”

But what are the practical ways Christian groups in the workplace promote health and wellbeing, and thereby aid individuals through the different seasons of worklife?

Transform Work  supports hundreds of Christian Workplace Groups and Professional Sector Groups across the UK and are therefore strategically positioned to answer this question. Brian and Matt are TWUK Ambassadors.

Brian Raj works at Thomson Reuters in Canary Wharf as an Indirect Tax Technology Sales Specialist for large enterprise accounts. He is also the co–leader of the Christian Workplace Group there. Brian previously worked with Intel, IBM and Oracle over 12 years’ and he either started or was actively involved with Christian groups. He studied in India.

Matt Aldridge works with a multi-national Clinical Research Organisation in Reading. He started both a Christian Workplace Group and a Multi-faith network there. As a result, Multi-faith networks have been rolled out across the global offices. The outcome has been a Christian awakening in the national offices especially in the Spanish and Portuguese nations. Matt has a strong belief that God should be placed at the centre of our '9-5'

Workers Aflame! Sessions are held every quarter. They aim to encourage and equip Christians to contribute positively to and intentionally engage in the corporate community. Topics of discussion are varied and various. The main objective is to help
Christians thrive and find purpose in work.

This Session is Interactive, so there will be opportunity for questions, comments and feedback.

Date: Saturday, 20th May 2023
Time: 11am to 12.30pm
Register Here on Eventbrite


Meeting ID: 827 8698 5140
Passcode: Aflame

Remember to invite fellow-workers, friends and family.

We look forward to meeting you on the day.

Enjoy the Summer!!

Great blessings,






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