• And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24:14 NIV)

    And the gospel must first be preached to all nations. (Mark 13:10 NIV)

    What are Sessions?

    The aim of each Session is to equip Christians to intelligently, intentionally and courageously engage with the platforms, mechanisms and opportunities that exist in corporate life, in order to be effective Witnesses.


    Before the pandemic, Workers Aflame! contributed to various seminars and workshops in person. Since the pandemic, the Sessions have been conducted online. Some of the issues we have addressed include:


    Taking your Faith to Work

    Evangelism Awareness Day (Work related)

    Start/Join a Christian Staff Network

    Workplace Missions

    Praying for your Workplace

    Seeking the Welfare of your Workplace

    Finding Purpose in Work

    Setting up a Virtual Group at work

    Staff Network Groups

    Workplace Evangelism – Private & Public Sector

    Multi-Faith Forums

    Integrating Faith & Work...


    In addition to the online Sessions, we provide Blogs / Newsletters that aim to engage, inspire and inform.


    In 2023, our goal is to do quarterly Sessions that focus on strategic corporate issues that influence the Christian Witness.


    We look forward to what lies in the future as we continue to empower Christians to wisely and courageously take their faith to work for the good of their neighbour and for God's glory.


  • Why Do Sessions Matter?

    The Sessions address the barriers and obstacles to corporate Christian cohesion and engagement, and how to overcome them. 


    Research has proven that spiritual capital i.e. the deeply motivating power of religion and belief to shape one’s actions and stance within the public sphere, is the ‘why’ that drives the ‘what’ in corporate life. 


    We cannot talk about diversity at work without addressing the issue of religion and belief and the spiritual capital this generates. The corporate community is a globalised entity and the more we embrace the issue of invested spiritual capital the more creative, inclusive and efficient the community can potentially and incrementally become. 


    It has been proven that being able to act upon ones belief at work leads to: 


    • Increased happiness and well-being, 

    • Authenticity, mental well-ness and flourishing, 

    • Enhanced creativity and productivity, 

    • Ethical and sustainable forms of work and business practice, 

    • Transformational leadership and management values and outcomes, 

    • Religion and belief literacy and policies in the workplace, 

    • Economic and business growth. 


    While the Christian faith has immense gains to offer interms of spiritual capital, due to the current post-Christian secularization of society, Christians are being persecuted, alienated and left behind in the public space. This is despite the huge contribution they have historically made, and continue to make, to Western civilisation and to global communities.


    There is need for a resurgence of the ethical values and moral vision that contributed positively to the discovery and development of almost every field of life and learning in society. The spiritual capital already invested is evident, now there is need to raise awareness and demonstrate the positive force for good that the Christian community is in public life. The lifelong and selfless service of our late Queen Elizabeth II is an iconic example.


    They improve and enhance corporate culture by preserving what is good and virtuous in it. They add moral vision, strength and character that help lift the spirit of a corporation. These values have the capacity to influence the behaviour and actions of other colleagues, and to inspire and encourage others. The salt-like presence and light-giving influence of Christians enrich and strengthen the fabric of a corporation. 


    Therefore, the Sessions aim to empower and inspire Christian engagement and cohesion in corporate life.


    They benefit the Christian community as well as the corporation as Christians courageously invest spiritual capital which as has been said, enhances well-being, creativity, and corporate retention and reputation. 


    Christian Staff Networks exist in corporations across the UK serving, adding value and contributing to the culture. They are viewed by management as beneficial to the welfare of the workplace; and comply with equality, diversity and inclusion policies. Management is finding that Christians are essential players in any cohesive and progressive corporate community. 


    The Sessions aim to increase spiritual capital by enhancing the contribution of Christians in corporate life.  



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