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Welcome to Workers Aflame!

Empowering Christian Workers

To Flourish and To Promote Flourishing

Busy Street


We help Christians find purpose in their vocation and

understand their role in corporate life.


Worker Aflame! creates safe spaces and quality time

for  Christians to gather, share and learn from key experts, and peer to peer.  

The aim primarity is to better understand the professional terrain

and how to effectively navigage faith in it.


We discuss the great opportunities and resources avaliable

as well as the many challenges evident

with the aim to be sufficiently empowered and equipped

to flourish, influence and add value

to our individual corporate community.

What We Do...

We offer a variety of Online gatherings and In-person events to help foster  success and satisfaction in our work, and for

Christian fellowship.


Quarterly, we host Online 'Sessions',


monthly, Online Lunchtime and Evening Prayer Gatherings.


Additionally, we plan Socials periodically to provide

opportunity for Christian  to connect and foster meaningful professional  relationships.


We publish topical and timely content to inform, educate and inspire on various aspects of work.


These include blogs, newsletters, event promos, updates and other pertinent content on work and the Christian faith.


We provide guidance on How to take our faith to work, Seeking the Welfare of the Workplace,

The purpose of Work,

The place of Multi-faith, 

Workplace Missions, EDI matters, etc.

Our goal is to provide resources that facilitate flourishing, 

success and service

 in the workplace.


We offer a range of forums for dialogue and discussion; 

various Online events,

Social media platforms,

Email campaigns,

and In-person contacts.

These are designed to help individuals share ideas, resources, opportunities, challenges

and views on

workplace matters.

We strive to create a safe and supportive environment to engage in meaningful dialogue to encourage, strengthen

and help people find meaning in life, vocation and the Christian taith.

Community Spaces

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West London, United Kingdom

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I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace. - Dr Billy Graham

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