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Welcome to Workers Aflame!

Inspiring every Worker

To Find Meaning and to Flourish 

in all Seasons and Spheres

of Life and Living

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We help Workers see their lives as Holistic,

and inspire them to engage and find purpose

in every aspect of life.


Worker Aflame! creates safe spaces, forums and quality time

for  Workers to gather, share and learn from experts, and peer to peer.  

We discuss the ways and means to effectively engage

with our primary relationships, our secondary relationships 

and with society as a whole;

the great opportunities and the challenges that face us

in today's hectic, demanding world.

The aim to be sufficiently empowered and equipped

to flourish in ourselves, and to add significant value to those around us,

in our families, our local communities and our companies.

What We Do...

We offer a variety of Online gatherings and In-person events to help foster  success and satisfaction in our lives individually,

and also as a family member, carer, worker, neighbour or friend.


Quarterly, we host an online webinar called

 'A Session',

and an

online Lunchtime Prayer Gathering, monthly.


Additionally, we periodically provide

opportunity for workers to connect socially for a time of 'Rest and Recreation'.


We publish blogs and content to inform, educate and inspire on various aspects of life and living - family, work, community and global issues.


The blogs, newsletters, event promos, updates and other content provide current and relevant -

'How Tos', 'What tos', Where Tos', Who Tos', etc.

Our goal is to provide resources that facilitate effectiveness, flourishing, 

and true significance in life.

Inspirational stories, shared resources, ideas, opportunities, challenges and views provide the support and encouragement needed for the moment.


We offer a range of forums for dialogue and discussion such as online events,

social media platforms,

email campaigns,

and one to one


These are designed to ensure individuals are heard, seen, known and affirmed wherever they are on their journey or stage of life, whether currently

successful, positive, or not.  

We strive to create a safe environment to engage in meaningful dialogue to strengthen

and inspire people find meaning in life.

Community Spaces

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London, United Kingdom

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