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Our Story...

A Staff Network.
Getting to work in London...
A typical work environment...
A Staff Network meeting.

Workers Aflame! started in 2009 as a thriving Staff Network group at a London Local Government Authority.

The group provided a safe space to support individual staff and raised awareness of issues by organising relevant strategic events. The group also helped enhance staff wellbeing and provided an outlet for the collective voice.


Over the years, the group grew and became recognised within the organization.

It was celebrated as a positive force for good, contributing to increased staff morale and productivity.

Since 2019, Workers Aflame! has been running Interactive Online workshops called 'Sessions' that facilitate individuals to gather and talk through subjects and matters critical to enabling effective flourishing and influence in the corporate community.


The 'Sessions' are guided conversations on issues that impact faith and belief in public life.

The work environment is a diverse and globalised community. When people of faith are permitted and enabled to live out their faith, evidence has shown consistently that there is increased staff well-being, creativity, and productivity.


The outcome is enhanced corporate retention and reputation.

Our main objective at Workers Aflame! is therefore to find means to enhance and encourage the value added by people of faith (Christians) in work and in public life.


Workers Aflame! is run on a voluntary basis as a Community Interest Company (CIC)

Our Speakers...
Elizabeth 'Tayo Ukiomogbe

Founder of Workers Aflame!

Helen Menkiti


Matt Aldridge

Senior Recruitment Specialist | TWUK Ambassador

Brian Raj

IT Consultant

Paul Ibru

Derivatives IT Consultant

Dave Law

Analytical Chemist | Chair of Faith Friendly Workplaces

Rev. Benedicta Ogunju

Founder, SoCCO | Accredited Mediator | Independent Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards/SW

Dr. Kemi Ajayi

Pastoral Team at Kensington Temple | Founder of Pierres Vivantes LCC

Session Audios...

UCB Radio Interview
00:00 / 25:23
Track Name
Workplace Missions Session by HM
00:00 / 1:28:11
Purpose of Work Podcast
00:00 / 01:33
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