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Our Journey

...textual, visual and audio.

The Story...

Workers Aflame! started in 2009 as a Christian staff network in Ealing Council.


The group provided a safe space to support staff and help raise awareness by organising strategic diversity events. It was instrumental in aiding staff well-being and providing an outlet for the collective voice. 


Over the years, the group became recognised and celebrated as an asset having contributed to increased staff morale and productivity.


Workers Aflame! evolved during COVID-19 and began organising interactive online workshops that enabled workers to gather and discuss topics that equipped and empowered them to flourish in corporate life. 


The workshop 'Sessions' were guided conversations on relevant issues that impacted faith and belief in public life.


Currently, Worker Aflame! creates forums for workers to gather and discuss peer-to-peer and learn from experts, how to live and flourish with a more holistic worldview. 

We examine ways and means to intentionally engage in our critical relationships to impact family, community and society.


And, how to be sufficiently equipped and empowered to flourish, and to have the head and heart space to help those around us to flourish also.


Workers Aflame! is voluntarily run and dependent on Donations.

Our Speakers...

Founder of Workers Aflame!

Helen Menkiti


Matt Aldridge

Senior Recruitment Specialist | TWUK Ambassador

Brian Raj

IT Consultant

Paul Ibru

Derivatives IT Consultant

Dave Law

Analytical Chemist | Chair of Faith Friendly Workplaces

Rev. Benedicta Ogunju

Founder, SoCCO | Accredited Mediator | Independent Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards/SW

Dr. Kemi Ajayi

Pastoral Team at Kensington Temple | Founder of Pierres Vivantes LCC

Our Audio...

UCB Radio Interview
00:00 / 25:23
Track Name
Workplace Missions Session by HM
00:00 / 1:28:11
Purpose of Work Podcast
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