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    What is a Session?

    'Sessions' are Online Seminars that aim to inspire, empower and equip Christians to intelligently, intentionally and courageously live out their faith at work and to engage with the platforms and opportunities that exist in corporate life. They also aims to help Christians find purpose so they can be focused, effective and fulfilled at work.


    Topics include:


    1. Finding Purpose in Work
    2. How to take your Faith to Work
    3. Seeking the Welfare of your Workplace
    4. Benefits of a workplace Christian group (Staff Network)
    5. Setting up a workplace Christian group (Virtual & In person)
    6. Workplace Missions / Evangelism (Private & Public Sectors)
    7. Multi-Faith Forums...


    In addition to the Sessions, we provide relevant content such as blogs, newsletters and updates of upcoming events that aim to inspire and inform. We also organise monthly Online Workers' Lunchtime and Evening Prayer Gatherings.




  • Why Does It Matter?

    The workplace is the last frontier of missions in our generation.


    The Sessions seek to address the barriers to Christian cohesion and engagement in the workplace, and how to overcome them.


    Research has shown that the deeply motivating power of religion and belief to shape one’s actions and posture in the public sphere impacts ethical and spiritual investment in corprate life.


    Diversity under the (Equality Act 2010) addresses the issue of religion or belief at work; however diversity must also recognise the ethical and spiritual investment this generates.


    The corporate community is currently a diverse globalised entity. As we recognise and embrace the ethical and spiritual investment religion contributes to the community the more inclusive, creative and productive it can potentially and incrementally become.


    When Christians are empowered and enabled to live out their faith, evidence shows repeatedly that there is increased staff well-being, creativity and productivity, this then enhances retention and also corporate reputation. The aim therefore is to enhance the value added by Christian community at work.

    A way to do this, is to encourage the Christians in a workplace to gather in order to mutually support one another, and to establish a Christian presence and voice in that corporate community. Workplace Christian groups (Staff Networks) exist in corporations across the UK. They contribute to the welfare and morale of the workplace by adding value in various ways. And, such groups are recognised and even celebrated under the diversity policy.


    While the Christian faith has so much to offer in terms of ethical and spiritual investment, due to the post-Christian secularization of society, Christians are sometimes persecuted and alienated in the public space. There is therefore a need to be more intentional about raising awareness of the values and the force for good that Christians contribute in and to public life.


    The exemplary lifelong, selfless service of the late Queen Elizabeth II is a great example in our generation.


    Sessions therefore aim to empower Christians to be effective Witnesses: 'Salt and Light' in the last frontier of missions - the workplace.




  • Other Helpful Organisations

    Here are some organisations with similar missions. However, the service they provide differs according to their unique mandate.

  • Transform Work UK - Support and help set up workplace Christian groups.


    LICC - Provide resources for Christian engagement in the workplace.


    Christian Lawyers Fellowship - Provide the legal framework to live out the Christian faith at work.


    Workplace Church - Teach how to hear God's voice in order to transform a workplace, sector or city.




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