Empowering Christian Witness in the Workplace


  • I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace.

    - Dr. Billy Graham 

    Our Vision is to see Christians live out their faith in public life.  And, to enable them find purpose in work.


    Our Mission simply is to support Christians by addressing topical and timely issues that impact engagement and effective witness in the workplace.


    The bent towards a sacred/secular divide has kept many from embracing the Christian Faith as a whole life calling. And consequently, seeing the workplace as the last frontier of missions in our generation.


    Therefore, we provide guidance through 'Sessions' which are designed to inspire, empower and equip Christians to intentionally engage and contribute to the coporate community with the aim to be a change-agent and a force for good.


    There are many opportunities that are open invitations to participate and engage. Such opportunities include the Diversity policy, Staff Networks, Multi-faith forums, Well-ness initiatives, etc.


    These opportunities are platforms with great potential for Christians to add value by infusing the narrative with 'Salt and Light'.


    Being actively involved with a heart to serve authenticates the Christian Witness in the workplace and gives the Good News a platform to be heard.





    Let us seek to advance human flourishing (Shalom) through the deployment of our vocational power for benefit of colleagues, clients and customers, community and country. What we do, not just how we do it, can enable our neighbour to experience shalom.

    For the work itself matters. What we do—not just how we do it—matters.

    - Dr. Amy Sherman



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